Established in 1993, Faxcable started as a supplier of IT equipment and peripherals including maintenance services. Since then, Faxcable has expanded its product and service line to include the world's leading brands in hardware, software and business applications.


Pro Plus motion detectors give you the latest technology available for superior accuracy. Their exclusive Auto Pulse Signal Processing ensures exceptional detection precision. Their Automatic Temperature Compensation also means that both detectors perform consistently well in a wide variety of environmental conditions.
| Feb 9, 2021

SD360 Wireless Ceiling-Mounted Smoke Detector

Paradox’s SD360 single station photoelectric smoke detector is designed to sense smoke that comes into the alarm chamber. It does not sense gas, or flame. This smoke detector is designed to give early warning of developing fires by giving off the alarm sounds from its built-in alarm horn
| Feb 9, 2021

NV780MX wired / wireless

The Paradox NV780 (wired) and NVR780 (wireless) were designed to provide a pre-entry protection solution while keeping the perimeter free for movement without generating false alarms. The NV780/NVR780 provides early warning detection, before intruder entry, with excellent exterior/interior wall and window protection.
| Feb 9, 2021

NV75MXRW Indoor Series

Paradox NV75M/X/R/W Series indoor industry-leading detectors provide superior detection with rock solid stability capabilities thanks to the revolutionary dual Mironel Mirror/Fresnel PIR optics combined with Paradox
| Feb 9, 2021


Digital Detectors
Outdoor digital motion detector with pet immunity, 11m x 11m x 90°
Impact and temperature resistant casing (-35°C to 50°C / -31°F to 122°F)
Patented Digital Motion Detection
Extremely reliable and false-alarm free
| Feb 9, 2021


Specialized Detectors and Accessories
Digital glassbreak bus detector; 9m/4m (30'/15') coverage
Two operational modes (addressable for the Digiplex EVO series or conventional relay operation) Remote test mode when used with Test Trek V2 Full audio and infrasonic spectrum analysis
| Feb 9, 2021

TM70 Touch (Intuitive Touchscreen)

7" vivid colour display, Compatible with EVO and Spectra, Built - in zone input, Customizable labels (zones, partitions, users, and PGMs) External SD Media Card slot (4GB with 2GB of free space) for uploading photos; acts like a digital picture frame Firmware upgradable via SD card Indoor temperature reading Dimensions: 14.2 x 9.5 x 1.4 cm
| Feb 9, 2021


Magellan Reporting Devices & Remotes
Outdoor/indoor wireless siren with built-in strobe light, red lens.
The SR130 is a weatherproof (IP54) and fully supervised wireless siren with a built-in strobe light. SR130 provides fast response to alarm signals with differentiation between intrusion and fire events.
| Feb 9, 2021

HD88 Outdoor 720p HD Camera

The HD88 outdoor Ethernet / Wi-Fi camera was created to provide integrated video supervision with Paradox security / access systems. It streams HD 720p, HD audio, H.264 compressed, ROT activation follows Alarm system event or internal motion detector, pre-alarm recording, day / night modes
| Feb 9, 2021

NV5-SB100 motion detector

.High-Performance Infrared Motion Detector with small pet immunity up to 16kg, 12 x 12m (40 x 40 ft), 90° viewing angle. Supplied with bracket.
Small detector. Big capabilities
| Feb 9, 2021