Established in 1993, Faxcable started as a supplier of IT equipment and peripherals including maintenance services. Since then, Faxcable has expanded its product and service line to include the world's leading brands in hardware, software and business applications.

Gate Automation

Upgrade your home and office with our offers in gate automation for less hassle for you, your employees, and even your household!
| Oct 19, 2020

Advance Access Control System

For crowd control, security, and even attendance management, choose from a wide array of Access Control Solutions FAXCABLE INC. offers. All dependent on what works best for you and your company!
| Oct 19, 2020

Thermal Solutions

FAXCABLE INC.'s supports in the fight against COVID-19 with fast and accurate Thermal Solutions and monitoring. This can be extended from handheld accessories to standing detectors that can be connected to your access control system.


| Oct 19, 2020

Queuing System

Make your customer service more seamless and efficient with a reliable Queuing System. We can provide a functional Queuing System from software to customized design installation.
| Oct 19, 2020

Paging System

Include a Paging Sytem that can be smartly connected to various announcement systems in your place of business!
| Oct 19, 2020

Radio System

Communication made easy and secure in your office or home perimeter! We have licensed radio systems for your requirements.
| Oct 19, 2020

Smart Home

Connect everything in your home and control them through one device! Easier home management from appliance control to security monitoring right on your fingertips.
| Oct 19, 2020

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX)

Your office will work better and more efficiently with a Private Branch Exchange of telephone system!  Add dedicated locals for your workforce and even include inter-branch calls for easier connection facilitation of offices.
| Oct 19, 2020


FAXCABLE INC has been a trusted name in the field of CCTV System Installation for more than 27 years. 
Equip your homes and offices with high definition cameras that can be connected to various home or company security systems, monitored by phone, and even connected to local emergency contact numbers. Safety, efficiency, and technology goes hand in hand with our CCTV installation and preventive maintenance.
| Oct 19, 2020