Established in 1993, Faxcable started as a supplier of IT equipment and peripherals including maintenance services. Since then, Faxcable has expanded its product and service line to include the world's leading brands in hardware, software and business applications.

Smart Home

Connect everything in your home and control them through one device! Easier home management from appliance control to security monitoring right on your fingertips.
| Jan 31, 2022| Categories: Technology

Wireless Solutions

Go for less cable management with wireless solutions! FAXCABLE INC is in partnership with top brands to provide high quality connections in various building layouts.
| Jan 31, 2022| Categories: Technology


FAXCABLE INC has been a trusted name in the field of CCTV System Installation for more than 27 years. Equip your homes and offices with high definition cameras that can be connected to various home or company security systems, monitored by phone, and even connected to local emergency contact numbers. Safety, efficiency, and technology goes hand in hand with our CCTV installation and preventive maintenance.
| Jan 31, 2022| Categories: Technology

Queuing System

Make your customer service more seamless and efficient with a reliable Queuing System. We can provide a functional Queuing System from software to customized design installation.
| Jan 31, 2022| Categories: Technology